Beware: Starbucks!

December 6, 2009

Later today I’m leaving for Edinburgh, Scotland.
My friend Ida and I are staying from Sunday to Wednesday at our friend Julie’s apartment. All we plan to do is drink gingerbread lattes (I can literally hear the angels sing Hallelujah!) and walk around, enjoying the Christmas markets.

RyanAir is the airline of our “choice” (the tickets were so ridiculously cheap, it would actually be more expensive not going, or so I like telling myself). And after a probably very uncomfortable flight where our thoughts will evoke around crashing and/or cattle transportation, this is the gloomy, yet beautiful city that awaits us:

I’ll be back and blogging on Thursday; until then, Happy 2nd Sunday of Advent.

Pictures via Flickr: One and Two.


One Response to “Beware: Starbucks!”

  1. (skal man skrive norske eller engelske kommentarer? Siden jeg er “skotts” tar jeg den på engelsk..)

    Hey babe! I really loved haveing you guys over, and I hope it won’t be too long before you do it again 🙂 Your pictures are lovely! When I buy mine, you have to help me “get to know it”… You know I need some help.. Didn’t do to good when I tried to use yours, haha!

    PS. blog about Edinburgh sooooon ❤ ❤ (lol)

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