My Marks & Spencer

December 5, 2009

Every December 1st since I was born, I’ve woken up to my mum’s homemade Advent Calendar. 24 (well, technically it’s 48 for my mum to buy and wrap for both me and my sister) small gifts to make the waiting a little less torturous. Naturally, over the years my love for Christmas has outshone my love for presents, and at this point I truly love giving gifts  more than I love receiving them.
But that doesn’t mean I didn’t adore the warm socks I unwrapped this morning!

Over the years I’ve struggled to find gifts – mainly for my friends – to fit my budget. Being a student makes this year no different, and even though I’ve agreed with most of my friends to not give each other gifts, I just can’t stop myself from researching ideas.
How adorable aren’t these complete hot chocolate and tea kits? And to set the mood while I wrap the gifts in this wrapper (decorated with velvet ribbon, a sprig of spruce and homemade tag), I listen to this album, in the light of this and this candle.

The M&S mania comes from my upcoming trip to Edinburgh; more of that tomorrow.


One Response to “My Marks & Spencer”

  1. […] most of the Christmas cakes in this house) and brought me a piece, while I’m opening my 14th Advent calendar gift. And that is one of the reasons why I love Christmas. Posted by Tonje Filed in […]

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